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Now We've Started

Wow! What a 12 months this has been. Not only have we been dealing with a pandemic, life continues to throw curveball after curveball. Some we can shimmy away from, some we can duck, and some will hit us square in the face right between the eyes.

I've known Karen since school, which is a disturbingly long time ago. The 90's feel like a few years ago, not 30 years ago. I've always loved music. Just 2 beats from a song can awaken a memory long since forgotten. Some people think that about smells, and I agree they are a similar sensation, but it happens more with music for me. Pretty much my only job at my wedding in 2018 was sorting the music for everything up to the DJ turning up, but I even had an influence on that and gave him about an hour of a playlist. 90's music was simply the best. I love the 80's and 60's too, but the 90's defined my musical taste.

When I met up with Karen during 2020 to catch-up with an old friend I was absolutely blown away with her passion for getting this initiative up and running. So much so I wanted to help out where I could. Not being local to the area, options are limited. I donated what I could, but wanted to do more. So, being a little bit techy / nerdy I offered to build this website, which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing. I hope everyone who visits takes something away from this. If nothing more than simply 1 of the best songs from the 90's - KLF - Last Train to Trancentral

John :)

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18 de jan. de 2022

Thats lovely John! Did you mention your promotion to my second in command?

Honestly thank you so much for everything! You're a true friend 🙏🙏

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