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Karens' Story

Turning Passion Into Action

Dealing with the challenges of today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks.  Karen's Safe Haven emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community, and a desire for actions to speak louder than words.

Karen has been on her own mental health journey, from being sexually abused as a child right through to her adult years, this has included a suicide attempt and living with complex post traumatic disorder . Through all this she made the decision that the past is part of us, but not what defines us.  Some people can not simply "move on" and that is where Karen's Safe Haven was born.

Mental Health, despite the progress made in recent years, still carries a lot of stigma.  Some people are scared to reach out for help, and that should never be the case, for anyone.  There should always be a way for someone to be there, to listen.  Karen knows the area and unfortunately some of the issues for this area.  But together, you are never alone.

Karen: About Us



I've come across some brave people in my life, both personally and during my time nursing. None more so than Karen Bentham. I remember reading her story, at first feeling heartbroken then in awe of her strength, not only to live through her experiences but to then help and support others in similar circumstances. It's an absolute pleasure to work with Karen on her 'Safe Haven' mission. She is deeply passionate and committed. The fact that she is also kind, funny and warm-hearted is just an added bonus!


Karen is.  Plain and simple.  You never know what  whacky idea is going to come next, but that doesn't matter as whatever it is it will be a dedicated and committed action and implementation.

Her passion is there in abundance in everything she sets out to achieve.  But, set backs do not keep her down and somehow she comes back stronger and more determined than ever.  If just 1 person is helped by her efforts, then that measures the success.

Media Coverage

Karens' experiences and journey to where she now is has been covered by the local newspapers.  She explains where she has come from in terms of her own mental health, struggles she still faces and why Karen's Safe Haven was founded.

We look forward to sharing Karens' story more and ensuring the awareness is out there that there is someone willing and wanting to listen, that you are never alone.  #Let's Talk

The Northern Echo

Click here to see the article written by The Northern Echo on 6th August 2021

Darlington & Stockton Times

Click here to see the article written by The Darlington & Stockton Times on 6th August 2021

Karen: Features
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