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‼️ INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY ‼️ Girl turned warrior I would just like to share with you my story. 28th March 1990 was the day I decided to report sexual, physical abuse at the hands of my birth mother and stepdad. After a long day with the police and social services, I was placed in a childrens home. This is where my nightmare became bigger, more powerful than I ever could comprehend. I was in a childrens home for 4 weeks before it all started. I was raped for the first time at the hands of the care home manager, who was, I thought there to protect me. Hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream or breathe, then he raped me. I remember it as clear as day, and I can still feel the feelings I felt. For the next 18 months, he continued to rape me, each time it got worse, more violent. Each time, I felt my soul disintegrate, and I was left a shell. I finally got put into a foster home, but I was too scared to say anything. I've lived with it every single minute of every single day after. Fast forward 30 years, and I found my voice. I found what little courage I had. 28th March 2019 on the exact day 29 years later I reported it to the police, not knowing what would happen i took my courage and jumped a massive leap of faith, the release was immense, it took my breath away, it broke me! It felt like it all happened yesterday! Three Years later , I'm awaiting the trial. Three years later, I'm healing. Three years later, I'm the strongest I have ever been. Three years later, I'm still alive. I am a warrior. I am incredible. I AM KAREN 💚 To anyone who is suffering in silence, I'm here for you! In your own time, I'm here. I'm here to end the stigma. I'm here to help others; I'm here to inspire you. I'm here to talk to. I pray you find your strength from somewhere deep within yourself to open up to someone you TRUST! I didn't realise it, but talking really does help! Thank you to every single one of you who have had my back, who have supported me on the hardest, most painful journey of my life, who have never once doubted me. My gratitude will be eternal. I THANK YOU 🙏 LET'S TALK 💚 ✌️ #karenssafehaven #mentalhealthsupport #growthroughwhatyougothrough #daretodream #growth

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